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Mar 24, 2011 4:00am EDT
, there were ships enforcing the u.s. arms embargo. today, the president meets with his national security team to discuss strategy. for more on that, we go to nbc's tracie potts in washington. good morning. >> lynn, good morning. no doubt, the question will be today what is the end game here? the president has anonsed that we will not be sending ground troops into libya, yet we're sending more warships there as we speak. the big question, who is going to take over within days as the president has promised? the french has said they only want a technical role. nato can't seem to agree who will take over. that remains a big question. it's a question they're asking about on capitol hill. house speaker john boehner sending a letter saying his administration is sending mixed messages about this mission. meantime, secretary of state hillary clinton has a message for moammar gadhafi saying the end game rests with him, that it's his decision when to step down and end all this. finally, what does the american public think? we have results this morning from a new reuters poll. 60% say they support the ac
Mar 24, 2011 4:00am PDT
there to back off and for the u.s. not to be in charge of this. within days, he says, but the problem is the french don't want to take over, nato can't agree on whether or who will take over. that has become a challenge. secretary of state clinton said that moammar gadhafi can end this pretty quickly stepping down. it's he and his team who have decisions to make to wrap up and end those air strikes. finally, what does the american public think about this? a reuters poll finds 60% support our involvement in libya, eight out of ten say we should do more to remove gadhafi from power. lynn? >> tracie potts in washington, thanks so much. >>> after months of relative quiet, tensions are mounting in the mideast. no reported injuries after israeli aircraft struck suspected targets in the gaza strip. the assault comes after rocket and mortar fire directed at israel and a bomb ripped through a bus stop in jerusalem. one woman was killed, the first fatal attack in the city in several years. >>> we are getting the first look inside the crippled fukushima nuclear plant in japan where workers are d
Mar 2, 2011 4:00am EST
joins us with more on this. >> reporter: good morning. if, in fact, that is the case, she indicated that the u.s. may consider prosecuting gadhafi for ordering that bombing. several ex officials of gadhafi's government that have fled since this latest violence occurred have said that he personally ordered that bombing that killed 270 people. victims are now urging the obama administration to reopen the criminal investigation. >>> also, another new development, the united nations has suspended libya from its human rights -- on the u.n. human rights council. that is the the first time a nation has ever been suspended from that council. they cited what they call gross and systemic human rights violations by libya in this latest violence. now, they are not permanently kicked off the council. this would occur until the u.n. decides to fully restore libya's status. finally, our ambassador to the u.n., susan wright, pushing for removal now saying, quote, gadhafi must go, he must go now. >> tracie potts in washington, thank you. >>> the senate is expected to approve a temporary funding bill
Mar 24, 2011 4:30am EDT
rain likely in kansas city. we'll take rain over snow at this point. if you're watching us on whag tv haegerstown, maryland, see a collection of miniature portraits painted over 200 years ago at keepsakes of the beloved at the washington museum of fine arts. that's your "early today" event of the day. >> bill, thanks. >>> now here's a look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. very few artists can live up to the billing larger than life. but elizabeth taylor was one of those few. she died yesterday at the age of 79 from congestive heart failure. nbc's stephanie stanton takes a look back at taylor's remarkable career. >> reporter: with her striking beauty and violet eyes, elizabeth taylor was the star of a hollywood icon. taylor first rose to stardom when she was just a teenager in "national velvet." >> father, he's a lovely thing. >> reporter: she went on to star in dozens of hollywood films, including "cat on a hot tin roof" and "cleopatra." she earned five academy award nominations and won two oscars. she was the first woman to earn $1 million for a film. off screen, her lif
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)